• is part of which owned by EXITE WEB DESIGN LTD.
    We as a whole and individual service, and/or part of our services are taking serio your privacy, so our part in protecting your privacy is this:

    Section 1: your contact information.
    When you register to recieve our Free or premium content including videos, articles, guides, learning materials such as presentations, you soley gave your permission to send you our stuff.

    Section 2: What we do with your information
    We will not transfer any of you information including email,full name, contact, address to any 3rd party side unless we have aquired by another company.
    We are not able to take responsibility to data on 3rd party websites which we embed or use in our website in order to provide you  with the best experience, in these service we include any social media videos, media, chats, analytics, feeds, players, viewers. To clarify, we use (as most companies do) tools from 3rd party companies, we will not be responsible to any of their actions or information they gather regarding your behaviour or data including when you took action to provide them your data or contact information.

    Section 3: Protecting your privacy
    We will not transfer or send your information to any 3rd party unless we asked you to grant us this permission, excluding what metioned in Section 2.
    We are protecting our data with secured services, and assure you that we do our best to keep your information provate.

    Section 4: Collecting  payments.
    We are using 3rd party payment gateways to collect payment information in a secure channel, we are not saving any credit cards, or sensitive information regarding your payment method.

    Section 5: Links
    When we send you any information containing links, we may reffer part of our content from 3rd party websites, we are not responsible to any of the data, behaviour of these websites or companies. 

    Section 6: Cookies and EXITE WEB DESIGN LTD, are using cookies to cusomize and provide you the best experience in our websites. We may use cookies in order to eliminate your need to re-enter general information in forms, or fields in specific pages. We are not using cookies to save any sensitive data, or protected data related to your privacy.

    Any cookies related to 3rd party domains, which we may use to advertise with such as Facebook, and other social media sites are not part of our obligations, and wretwre do not take any responsibility to 3rd party cookies from these websites.
    We may social media advertisment capabilities which may use remarketing and retargeting from source data on visiting our pages tracking this activity is made only on these 3rd party wesbsites, and we as a website and company are eligable to use their approoved capabilities as well.

    Section 7: Changes
    We reserve the rights to make changes to this policy from time to time, we may not inform each of you individualy so please make sure to visit this page in order to keep your mind updated regarding the privacy of your data with our services.

    Support & Questions:
    You may send any question to our email at hello[at], our team will be glad to assist you with any questions.